Office of Physical Education

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            Opening hours of sports venue

            • Gymnasium:08:00~23:00 (Mon~Fri)
            • Weight Training Room(Gymnasium B1):17:00~22:00(Mon~Wed during semester) 、17:10~22:00(Thu during semester) (Closed during summer and winter break)
            • Fitness center(Swimming Hall 2F):07:00~12:00、13:00~22:00 (Working days) 09:00~12:00、13:00~22:00 (Non-working days)
            • Indoor Swimming pool (Kuang-Fu Campus):06:00~22:00 (Mon~Sun)
            • Outdoor Swimming pool (Kuang-Fu Campus,By announcement):07:00~10:00、15:00~20:00 (Mon~Fri)
            • Composite Sports Hall:08:00~23:00 (Mon~Sun)
            • Badminton Hall:08:00~23:00 (Mon~Sun)
            • Outdoor Courts:06:00~23:00 (Mon~Sun)
            • Swimming pool (Bo-ai Campus):Temporarily closed