Office of Physical Education

Weekly short-term Rental Announcement(06/13-06/19)

P.S. any application not finished procedure yet last week is cancelled. If any annocument is not correct with your apply,please contact Office of Physical Education field division(extention number 51033) to correct it,thanks for your corporations.

Date Sporting Venue Time Frame Renting Unit
06/18(六) Outdoor volleyball二、三、七 14:00~18:00 D.E.C.E.
  Outdoor volleyball四、五、六 08:00~17:00 C.S.
  Gymnasium 09:00~18:00 Basketball competition
  Baseball Field 15:00~17:00 C.S.
06/19(日) Outdoor volleyball二、六 13:00~18:00 D.E.C.E.
  Outdoor volleyball四、五 14:00~18:00 A.M.
  Outdoor volleyball七 14:00~18:00 D.E.C.E.
  Gymnasium 08:00~12:00 I.C.E.
  Baseball Field 14:00~16:00 A.C.