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History of Mei-Chu Game

Mei-Chu game, a inter-campus competition between NCTU and NTHU in March every year. Starting from 1969, it has a history over 20 years. It’s an important part of students’ life in the two school.

The origin of the competition started form 1960s, when NCTU and NTHU started their school in Taiwan, the two school have similar amount of students and are located close to each other. Students from the two school have a lot of interaction.

At 1966, the schools had hold competitions. And at the year of 1968, chief of the activity center- Fong Chien finally got the permission from the school and start to plan a big competition between the two school’ s students. And he went to talk with the person in charge in NTHU, the two side got their common view and decided to start the plan.

And about the story of the name Mei-Chu, there’s and interesting tale. On December 23rd 1968, the representatives of the two school gathered in NTHU, and they wanted to give a name to the inter-campus competition. There are several suggestions such as Chio-Chin Cup, Hwa-Tung Cup, Sport competition of Hsin-Chu universities. But these suggestions was never satisfied to everybody. And the representatives all know that there’s a garden in NTHU that is called garden Mei, and the building of Chu-Ming is the famous building of NCTU, so they’ve decided to use Mei as NTHU and Chu as NCTU. But is it Mei-Chu or Chu-Mei? The two sides cannot find a perfect way to reach the solution.

At last the professor of NTHU Chi-Yi Chan took out a penny from his pocket and said, if it’s tail than it should called Mei-Chu, and if it’s head than the competition shall be named Chu-Mei. So the penny has decided the name of this long lasting game.